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Opening application in same window

Hey everyone.

I have recorded the test and downloaded it in the form of YAML file. While executing it from TestProject CLI, I want to open my URL in the window which is already opened in the browser, instead of opening a new window. Is it possible to make changes in the YAML file ???

hello ssgupta,
If you are trying to change a YAML file the easiest option would be to edit it from the testproject app by uploading it (Open file option), then using the recorder for the editing.
If you mean for your test to run on an existing chrome browser for example that is not possible.
To run your test, the agent will open a new window to execute your test in.
If you mean after the test has been launched for the step inside to open a new tab by navigating to a URL, that is possible using this addon:

Okay !! Got it … Thanks a lot.