OpenCV/ Image comparison


I am trying to create an addOn to compare the images and obtain the difference value. I have already used the compare images add on but it fails when the difference is above the threshold. For my requirement I do not want it to fail and also I want to use the difference value obtained to do the subsequent steps.

Any ideas?

Hi @aravind,

You can fork the existing image comparison addon from our GitHub: addons/image-comparison at master · testproject-io/addons · GitHub

Then, add an output parameter for the difference value. That way, you’ll be able to use it in subsequent steps.

As for the failure, you can set the step to not fail by using the “INVERT STEP RESULT” option in the recorder.

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Fantastic, I will fork the code and use it.

Also, just curious, do you see any possibilities in your roadmap for adding the Appium capability to find elements using image?

We will definitely consider it :slight_smile:

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