Open API Specification Validation Using TestProject

Hi Team/All,

Can we use TestProject to validate responses that are using the Open API Specification (OAS) ?

Please provide some insights or feedback on the same.


Hi @navnish.chaudhury ,

More clarity about your question will be helpful.
If I understood you correctly, you can validate responses by clicking “add validation”:

If this is not what you meant, you can rewrite your question and I’d be happy to help with a solution :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

So my exact requirement is whether we can validate an YAML file following the Open API Specification (OAS) by the help of TestProject.

You may need to check what is OAS for some idea around my requirement.

Check the image I have attached which is an YAML file , which I want that can be the input to TP and it can validate the required fields as per my reqiurements.

Like something as from below.

@marat Can you provide your inputs on this? I believe you are the best POC to answer this query. Also @alex.ivanov please check on this and respond quickly, I have some dependency waiting on this.


Hi @navnish.chaudhury ,
We currently do not have a specific feature capable of doing this kind of validation.
We are working on developing an addon that will validate YAML files.

Noted Alex, Thanks for the update.

@navnish.chaudhury Anytime :slight_smile:


As requested, his ready for action:


Awesome, thanks a lot.

@navnish.chaudhury Anytime :slight_smile: