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Open add many Testproject on same a machine by Sandboxie

I am currently looking for a way to have multiple Ios mobile devices running at the same time. I am thinking of using the Sandboxies virtual machine software. Unfortunately, it does share the same network address. Is there any solution to fix this to run multiple mobile devices on the same machine?

Hello @quoctrunggol36,

Currently, you can execute one test at a time.
But, Using our integration with Saucelabs/Browser stack and virtual agent, you can execute tests for

Here is the article on SauceLabs/Browserstack:

You are getting this error since the agent is already running and the port is taken.
We are working on parallel execution and it will be released soon.

I wrote my executable code on C #. Do I use Saucelabs & BrowserStack to execute my scripts on my real Mobile connected via USB?

Hi @quoctrunggol36,

No, you can execute the test on your real device.
You have an example here on how to run your code on your connected IOS device:

Can this code run multiple Ios devices at the same time? . I used TestProject’s Generator Code and changed the parameters of each machine. But can only start up 1 machine

using (var runner = new RunnerBuilder(“token”).AsIOS(currentDevice.Udid, currentDevice.Name, “com.apple.mobilesafari”).Build())
runner.Run(new Full(currentDevice), true);

I just saw a version of TestProject 3.0 that can run multiple devices in parallel. But how can Generated Code C# can run multiple devices in parallel? . Can you give me an example? . I run the test on a real iOS device

Parallel execution with the Open SDKs will be added next month.

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Where can I track version updates? .

Hello . I would like to ask if " Parallel execution with the Open SDKs " has been working in recent versions ? . I want to run my IOS mobile devices side-by-side. Thank you