Open a tab instead of a window when button is selected

Hello there,

I need to find a way on how to be able to make the execution of a test case to open a tab instead of a window when a button in my application is selected.

The issue I am facing is that, while I am recording and testing my application, a part of the test case is to select a button that opens another section of the application in a new tab. Then, the following steps are to continue the test case execution within this new tab (index 1) until I can close the tab and switch back to the original tab (index 0). This works fine every time I an in the recording mode and testing my test case.

However, when I do execute the test case from a Job, selecting the button opens a new window instead of a tab; and for some reason, sometimes the window does not closes and some of the following test cases fail.

Is there a way to control on how this works from the execution point of view and when a button is selected (click)?

Thanks for you help in advance,

Luis S.

Hi @luis.stolk ,

It would be beneficial if you could share the report of the job execution.
Are you getting any error messages in the specific step that doesn’t close the tab?

Hello Alex,

Sorry I did not respond in time.
I was able to workaround this for now. In case I happen to have same difficulties I will come back.
Thanks a lot for your quick response!
Luis S.

Sure, you are welcome.