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One PC, two different accounts => 2 runnng agents per PC, one agent per account possible?

Hi there,

we will use 2 TP accounts per person. One is the official project repo, the other one for more informal tasks, experimenting etc. We decided not to do this with one account and different projects per user.

But it seems not possible to run two agents in parallel, each connected to different accounts? We always have to deregister, resp. reinstall the single one agent that runs on the PC.

Where are we wrong?

Kind Regards


Hello, and thanks for reaching out.

A single agent can be running at a time on a machine.
If you would like to use multiple agents in parallel on a single machine you can install a VM and have an agent running there.

For example:
Account 1 will be on your machine running your official projects on it’s agent.
Account 2 will be on the VM running your informal tasks on it’s agent.

There is also an option to use a dockerized agent.
You will be able to install an unlimited amount of agents on a docker on your device and run them in parallel locally.
There are two phases for jobs, the debug one where you can run them one by one and the deployment one where you can run them all in parallel on a number of agents.

Docker seems to be the best answer I think
Thank you for your fast response.