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NUnit + Parallel Execution + TestProject SDK


I’m trying to execute a test in parallel with the generated TestProject Code and NUnit.

Parallel Execution without TestProject SDK, pure Selenium:

If I copy this whole code and place it under this code (+changing class name) I have two parallel Selenium tests executed in two browser windows.

Now I try to achieve the same with a exported TestProject Project.
This is how I changed the TestRunner and it is executing my TestProject test just fine (opening Chrome and so on):

But duplicating this code block and changing the class name ist not executing the two tests parallel in two browsers. There’s just no browser opening but the Terminal says, thats both tests passed.

I can’t figure out what the problem is as its working perfectly fine in my first example without the TestProject SDK.

Hello and thank you for reaching out.
The execution of coded tests with the Runner class is done on your locally installed agent, and the agent can only run tests sequentially.
Parallel execution can be done by using the Virtual Agent you get by integrating with Sauce Labs or Browserstack.
You can either run tests on it in parallel from the UI after uploading your tests or you can use the API to trigger jobs on that virtual agent in your code.

There is also an option to use a dockerized agent.
You will be able to install an unlimited amount of agents on a docker on your device and run them in parallel locally.
There are two phases for jobs, the debug one where you can run them one by one and the deployment one where you can run them all in parallel on a number of agents.

Hey David,

thanks for the answer!

Sure, no problem.