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Not loading web page while recording


I’m new to this tool. Tried to capture a test scenario by recording one of my web page. TestProject recorded the Login page correctly , but recorder is not capturing /navigating to the inner pages after login. So im unable to complete the recording of test scenario. Please help me


Hello @ashaknm
This mostly likely happens because the website is built using iFrames.
We do have a new recorder which handles iFrames who is currently in beta.
Please send an email to support@testproject.io with your account email asking to be added to the beta, and we will give you access.

Best Regards, Ran.

Hi @ran.tzur, is there any way that I can be added to the beta test members? I have faced the exact same issue with my testing project. If I can, i will send you the email. Thank you!

Hello @oht1221
Sure just send the email to support@testproject.io

Thanks for your support.