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Not getting messages on Google Chat using Webhooks

Our organization is using G suite and hence have Google Chat used for communication.

The webhook integration is not ale to post messages in Google Chat.

I am getting email triggers on my email ID though.

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I have the exact same issue. Any update @deepakn?

I know my webhook is working, I can send a message manually using curl like this:

curl -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' --data '{"text":"Allow me to reintroduce myself!"}' YOUR_WEBHOOK_URL

and I get this curl response:

    "name": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "sender": {
        "name": "users/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "displayName": "TestProject",
        "avatarUrl": "",
        "email": "",
        "domainId": "",
        "type": "BOT"
    "text": "Allow me to reintroduce myself!",
    "cards": [],
    "previewText": "",
    "annotations": [],
    "thread": {
        "name": "spaces/xxxxxxxxx/threads/xxxxxxxxxx"
    "space": {
        "name": "spaces/xxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "type": "ROOM",
        "singleUserBotDm": false,
        "threaded": false,
        "displayName": "Testing"
    "fallbackText": "",
    "argumentText": "Allow me to reintroduce myself!",
    "attachment": [],
    "createTime": "2020-09-13T01:35:41.344831Z"

My room in Google chat display the following:

Capture d’écran, le 2020-09-12 à 21.41.27

Similar issues, here, trying to integrate to Mattermost, apparently the body of the request has no “text” parameter…