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Not all Locators visible while creating a Step Manually

Good day,
Most of the times, I am not able to see all Locators while creating a new step manually.


How to solve this issue…

Thanks in Advance

Hello @smriti.dalal17
Does this issue still happen?

Hi @smriti.dalal17,

If your web application is built using react native then some of the elements might be dynamic generated elements based on the previous action. These kind of elements have to be identified manually using Inspect element.


Zoom percentage in my chrome browse is 90% due to which this issue is observed. The issue got resolved by setting the zoom percentage to 100%.

Thanks Meidan & Santosh…

What about custom attributes as selectors? If we apply custom data attributes such as data-test-id, can we prioritise the recorder to select these over other CSS selectors or XPATH?

Hi @james.storey
You can use custom attributes as selectors like this: