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Not Able to View Screenshot in the Test Project Report

Hello There,

We are not able to view screenshot for all steps in the report generated in Test Project.
It shows the image link and when that link is clicked then nothing displays.

Kindly confirm this how to view the screenshot image for a step in the report.
It was working correctly in earlier versions and with new version we are facing this issue.

Please let us know the resolution

Shantanu Joshi

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Hi @sjoshi,
The report contain links to the images, when you click on the images it should create a local copy of the image. (in download folder).
Incase a local image is not created please contact us over our live chat (intercom) which can be found in the app on the bottom right corner.


Hello Amit,

We don’t see the local image created in the downloads folder.
When we download the full summary report for a run, it contains a link for with a name screenshot. That link when clicked is supposed to either show us an image or download the image on local. None of these things happen. Instead an xml file is displayed getting opened in the browser tab.
Also, we checked the run report in the Test Project Reports section, that too shows we are having space issue and it asks us to increase space.

Kindly provide a solution on this.

Shantanu Joshi

Hi @sjoshi,
Can you please download the report and try again,
If that doesn’t work please contact us on intercom.

Thanks Amit.
Now we are now able to view the screenshot.
Thank you for providing resolution quickly

Hi @sjoshi,
Glad everything worked out,
Feel free to contact us if you need anything else :slight_smile: