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Not Able to View Screenshot in the Test Project Report

Hi Team,

With new version of the Test Project(3.4.X) we are not able to view the screenshot in the report.
A link to screenshot appears and that does not open screenshot when clicked.

This feature was working correctly on earlier version of agent(3.3.X).

With latest agent it is not working.

Any solution to this issue will be really helpful

Shantanu Joshi

Hi @sjoshi :slight_smile: ,

  1. The new reports generator is generating reports with a link to download screenshot that expires after a week, if you need a report with screenshots after that time, you can download a new report, and you will get a new expiration date,

    Currently, the reports generator with a link is final and cant revert back.

    We have a ticket (TP-16981) with a new request to revert to the old generator without links.
    You will be notified if implemented.

  2. Regarding the issue about clicking the link and it doesn’t open:

    We have opened a ticket on this issue,

    You will be notified here once it’s resolved.

    This is the ticket number: TP-16985

Hi Iam also facing the same issue ,if i click on screenshot link it is showing XML