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Not able to trigger Jenkins job (BDD+SDK and Web UI) on remote Docker-Agent(Permanent Execution Engine) due to chrome drive unavailability under Agent

I have followed below steps to trigger Jenkins job for BDD+SDK project and a job from TestProject IO web UI. Chrome browser is not seen under the remote Agent browser details in my account.

  1. Installed Docker on my windows machine
  2. Ran dockercompose.yml file on my machine as per Distributed Execution for Test Automation | TestProject
  3. Configured Jenkins job to execute below Jobs and projects
  • BDD+SDK = Jenkins error ERROR: Unable to trigger TestProject job - 412 - No executable steps exist [Akeoldk8]
  • TestProject web UI recorded test = ERROR: Unable to trigger TestProject job - 412 - The defined browsers are not installed [KnNzC8DF]

Hi @Vinit,
It seems like there is an error in the docker compose preventing from the agent to detect selenium/standalone-chrome, please try to stop the containers and start them again with a more recent compose, which can be found here:
If you still encounter an issue try to pull an older selenium/chrome-standalone in your compose using selenium/chrome-standalone:specific_version

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Thanks Amit. This issue has been resolved.