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Not Able to select Image from Gallery


I am trying to select an image from gallery and stuck.
Can you suggest any possible solution?

After clicking on All access:

Reaching at below slide:

Error thrown:

Hello @neeleshsingh1987,

  1. Can you please check if this element is being located with our recorder?
    If not you can send me here the attributes of this element and I will try to create more generic xpath for you to use cause perhaps the element’s locator is dynamic.
  2. You can try to use the ‘tap on relative point’ action and you can give some other element that this button is present on. You can try to put 50 in horizontal and 20 in vertical

@itamar.klein : For point 1 . Here I am taking about step 20.


Ok, can you open the recorder go to this step to see if this step passes and if the element is being located?

And if not you can send me the attributes of this element like this, just hover with your mouse on the element and click on the three dots or double shift

@itamar.klein Unfortunately I don’t have the device available right now. I will come back to you on this 15 to 16 hours or before.

When trying to click on recent image

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