Not able to retrieve CheckBox Value in Web page

Hello Team,

We are working on a web page and we were not able to retrieve the checkbox value and based on the value of it we want to perform some steps(consider checkbox value as a condition).

We are trying it with recorder only(no SDK).
If anyone knows this how to do, it would be of great help.

Awaiting the reply.

Shantanu Joshi

Hi @sjoshi.

For checking a checkbox’s state and clicking on it only if it’s unchecked, you can create the following steps:

  • Hover the checkbox element, press double-shift on your keyboard to capture it, and use the “Get Attribute Value” action.


  • Set the AttributeName input field to “checked” which will indicate if the checkbox is checked or not. save the output value into a parameter (is_chceked) for further use.

(Notice: if the checkbox is checked, the “checked” attribute value will be “true” otherwise, the value will be an empty string)


  • Create a new step, that performs a “Click” action on that checkbox, add a condition to this step, the condition will validate the “is_checked” parameter value and will execute the “Click” step only if the “is_checked” parameter value is not empty.
  1. Click on the “Advanced Options”


  1. Scroll down to the “Conditions” section, set the parameter to “is_checked”, the condition to “Equals”, and leave the last field empty, so the condition will check whether the value is empty or not.


This way, the “Click” step will be executed only if the condition is met, otherwise, it will be skipped.
Using these two test steps, you can click on a checkbox only if it’s unchecked.