Not able to link TestProject test result to azure test hub

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone figure out an easy way to link test project test results to azure test hub / test cases.

Please guys let me know if there is any update or solution for this.

thank you !

Hi @wael and welcome to our community :slight_smile: ,

  • Can you please elaborate on your intention?
  • What do you mean by “link test results”?
    More details will be helpful.

It’s possible to download the PDF reports from TestProject and upload it to Azure.
However, we currently do not support a built in integration with Azure, it might come in the future.

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As Test project do not support a built in integration with Azure,
(I know that we can setup API calls between test project API and Azure…)
1- Do you think TP development team will create/improve the integration with Azure in the near future ?
(If the answer to this question is a yes, I would like to know when do you estimate this new improvement, please? )
2- I was wondering, maybe someone created an addon or maybe a service who facilitate the integration with Azure test hub.

Forgot to say thank you Alex for the reply !

Hi @wael ,

  1. Currently, you can only use TestProject’s API to integrate with Azure DevOps Service and run automated tests in the TestProject platform as part of your CI/CD flow, however, it’s currently not on our roadmap to add this specific integration.

  2. As you wrote earlier, and it is correct, you can set up API calls for this scenario. However, we currently do not have a specific addon for this scenario or a particular service that supports what you desire to achieve.

  3. I’d be happy to know more specific details about the “link test result” meaning.

Example in Azure test hub we have a test plan and in the test plan we have multiple test cases
(multiple test scenarios for automated UI, API, data base… , and we have our manual tests to run …)

For automated tests (as this is our main subject)
Example using Nunit, we are able to link our tests to test cases, so after execution if test pass/fail our test case in our test plan will pass/fail automatically. (this is the answer to link test result)
(we check the logs in pipeline only if a test fail to troubleshoot …
cause in test hub dashboard I can see the number of test executed and the percentage of fails/ passes, so we have the one stop shop to check all test results)

I understand that after any test run with TP we have a report generated and this report could be sent by email even we can setup push notification
(FYI: Another TP limitation we cannot setup push notification with Microsoft teams )

The current time (to be able to setup my tests in azure pipeline) I need to setup API calls to get the test result:
1- Get request from TP API if test pass or fail
2- Send back another call to azure API to pass/fail a specified test case.

The issue here if we have multiple TP tests (even in multiple environments / devices / platforms ) linked to multiple test cases in different test plan and we need to execute them all in parallels, this will be more complex to setup.

I understand it’s not a priority for now to improve TP integration with Azure…
but I was looking for alternatives with Microsoft even with BrowserStack but I was unfortunate to find a solution for this limitation and i am sure i’m not the only one here maybe someone else at some point will figure this stuff out and i will be more then happy to get the answer .

Hope all this details gives an answer to your questions if not please don’t hesitate and ask :slight_smile: