Not able to install .ipa/.app file on ios simulator

Hi I received an .ipa file from my development team which they deployed on saucelabs.
I downloaded the .ipa file and provided it to testproject.
When I run the simulator and try to install the .ipa is says application cannot be installed please re-complie.
Then I got the zip file and then tried to drag and drop the .app file in simulator of mac directly but then also am not able to install as I get error failed to find matching arch for input file.
I also tried to save ipa in a folder convert it to zip and then rename zip folder to .ipa
By this method also installation failed and i got error recompile and try again.

Can anyone help me how exactly should I install my project .ipa/.app file in the test project simulator.
Used device is mac and trying to test ios application.

I have the same issue, I’ve followed many articles on to be able to record a test using an iOS simulator but no success.

.ipa files only work on real devices, you will need an .app for simulators. I don’t know how reliable converting an .ipa => zip => .app is, you may want to try building the .app locally with XCode. (This is no small task if you are not a mobile developer.)

I’ve also contacted customer service a few times, but all their suggestions have not worked.

For me, after building the .app file locally in XCode, I still get several different errors when trying to use that on a simulator to record a tests.

My only other option (I think) is to try to enable recording using a real iOS device, which would entail getting a developer license.

Please share if you find a solution :pray: