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Not able to double click on web table


I need help with the test case execution where i have a web table in which i able to find out the row and column where i need to click but when i click on it it did not open the next page, either i need to double-triple click on it or there is a ‘view’ button next to the row in the table which i need to click but i’m not able to do it.
i had lot of row from which i need to click on specific row which i am able to find through search text action.

please help !!

It sounds like the easiest way is to click the ‘view’ button in the table. What are you having trouble with when you click on it?

I’m getting id through DB query, i need to search that id in table then click it. which is not working.

Sounds like you need to find the element based on the xpath with a certain id / row / column,
Here are some basic strategies you can use:

  1. First, edit the element like in the image below,


To check your locators use the magnifying glass
(notice the element must be present in the page when checking a locator):

If another locator is more consistent make it your primary locator, push it to the top with the arrows next to the magnifying glass.

  1. Check for a unique attribute and search the button by that locator,

you can make your custom locator like this for example:
using Xpath //*[@attribute="value"]

For instance, my locator for Amazon looks like this:
using Xpath //*[@id="add-to-cart-button"]

For text you can use this locator:

using Xpath //*[@text="Your_Text_Here"]

or this one as well:

using Xpath //*[. ="Your_Text_Here"]

Thank you @Amit.Lacher Amit. I will try it.

I need one more help, how do we run the downloaded tests as JOB using CLI option.
for example, I downloaded 10 TCs and now i have to run those as a JOB using CLI option in offline mode.

Thank you

Hi @ssharma,
No problem, any time.
Regarding your second query, currently, it’s not possible to execute a job from the CLI, what you can do is, include all tests as subtests in the main test (The job) and then execute that test.
Alternatively, you can simply create a batch file (.bat) that executes multiple tests 1 after another.
Of course, choosing that route would mean the reports are per test. and not for the entire execution flow.

Here is a basic bat example to execute 2 tests:

testproject-agent run test1.yml
testproject-agent run test2.yml

Save as: job.bat. and execute anywhere.