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Not able to connect to remote databases from Mysql Database Plugin

We have 3 different databases

MariaDB 5.5.59 in local server:
Test Connection and SQLQuery – both are working fine with correct responses

MariaDB 5.1.41 in remote server:
Failed to connect with this error – Failed! (CLIENT_PLUGIN_AUTH is required)

MariaDB 10.x in remote server:
Failed to connect with this error – Failed! (Unable to load authentication plugin ‘’.)

Package used from logs: io.testproject.addon.sql.tools.mysql.TestSQLConnectionAction

As per Online sources, upgrading mysql/ mariadb connector could solve this issue. But, not able to find the current connector jar files anywhere in test project directories.

Tried these actions, but no change:
a. Added the latest connector jar in lib of Agent
b. Delete the temporary files created for Addons in TestProject/Agent/addons files

Hello @jagadish.rbt
Can you please elaborate on what are you trying to do?
Are you trying to write an addon which connects to MariaDB?
Or are you using one of the existing actions for connecting to a MySQL server?

Hi @ran.tzur

I am using existing MySQL Plugin to connect to remote databases, which are accessible from my command line using mysql command and on SqlYog.

Hello @jagadish.rbt
Please contact us over the chat so we can continue helping you further.