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No test results displayed for some tests

I have two tests, one which shows the test results icon (allowing me to access the results) and a more recent test that does not show any results.
I have run the test several times on my local agent to ensure it completes the test, which it does. However, the results are never displayed.

I navigated to the ‘Results’ section to find the results of the test there, but no such results exist.

Is there some toggle to enable/disable reports being produced?

Hello James, can you please send your agent logs to support@testproject.io so we can further investigate.
This how you can download the agent logs from TestProject:

Hello Ran,

I have opened the test suite on Friday to find there are now results for this test.

I had not run the test again since when I encountered the error, but now, the results are there.

To test the results being displayed were the most recent, I modified the test to fail, so I would see the red result icon instead of the green icon. It seems to be working.

My TestProject agent is version 0.65.11 and the latest is 0.66.1, but that doesn’t seemed to have been the effect