No storage available even after removing / cleaning up

Hi guys,

Is there an issue related to the available storage? Suddenly we ran out of space ( no clue how this could happen ). We removed a lot of things same goes for reports older than 7 days are removed and still, we got issues even when nothing has been automated or even executed the amount of free MB is getting less every second?

We aren’t able to execute anything at this point.

Are you guys aware of this and/or how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Anyone from TP can check/react?
Issue is still present for weeks now. Script can’t be executed and in case of failure, we have no idea.
Reporting from only a day is something that we have as we removed already the rest of all previous runs.

Hi @Donny,

Looking at your account’s usage, it seems like 98% of your storage goes for screenshots.
Anyway, we doubled your account storage, so it should solve this issue for now.

Please try to remove old reports to free some storage space.
Another thing you can do is to take screenshots only in case of a failed step and not for all the step.

Hi @amit.yahav ,

Thanks for your response and i see indeed we can run everything.
The REAL problem is not solved. We don’t have ANY reports more than 1 day.
I used a script (python) that was delivered by ran to remove “Old” reports. So I’m really curious about how you can still see that 98% is filled up with screenshots and on TP I don’t have any only from today so looks like it is stored while we removed it (visually) from TP and via script. So can it be that something is not “properly” removed ?

In general we only take a few screenshots during the job execution and default we have it on failure.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Donny,

Thanks for clarifying the issue for me.
We will definitely investigate this issue :slight_smile:

I´m so interested in the solution of this issue. We are in the same situation. We have deleted all the reports but we cannot free more than 20 or 30 MB.
Please if it´s possible, to continue working until the resolution, can we have more storage than the current 12 GB?? Thanks in advance

Hello, I’m in this situation too. Just to be clear, when you delete a report, are all of its screenshots deleted as well?

Normally it should yes, but i think that’s what the issue is, that it looks for us as a user that it is removed but the related images aren’t

Please, if it´s possible, to continue working until the resolution, can we have more storage than the current 4GB?? Thanks in advance

Hi Amit,

Were you guys already able to investigate this issue? For the last 2 weeks after adding 10GB, we are already left with 5GB so basically after 2 weeks we are going to have the same issue again.

Please let me know
Thanks !

We have exactly the same problem here. most of the storage is used and deleting reports only helps for a short time, the next day the storage is full again.

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Hi there,
We are facing some issue in our project for a while, and deleting reports is not freeing up that much memory. Apparently is a bug on TPIO side, are there some updates? First time we reached out was on early April and still same things are happening :sweat:

Hi @gabriela.cs,

Thanks for reaching out.
We are investigating this issue and I’ll keep you updated once it’s resolved.

Thank you @amit.yahav as this has been an issue for a while, can we get in the meantime more memory? we are running under 1 GB even deleting our reports. Which in principle should not be the workaround as we delete valuable information.

Looking forward to get contacted by you.

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Hi @gabriela.cs,

I’ve added more storage space to your account.

Thank you @amit.yahav

Same issue, my account is maxed out and we only take screen shots on failure. I’ve deleted 90% of my report and still only have about 250mb out of 2gig available? Where is all the rest? What is using that much space?

@amit.yahav do you have any new information about the storage issues? Maybe theres a workaround to free the storage? After removing most of the reports we have got around 250mb.

Hi @pnagorski,

I’ve added more storage to your account.

Thats great. Thank you very much!