No result displayed after job running complete

Since recently, I can’t see any result file/status after running a Job via Test Project. I can see, however, the full process is running on my connected mobile device, so Job is definitely done, but neither Test Project’s Job section, nor Monitor/BrowserStack indicate the the result/status.

Probably need to remove and reregister your agent. We have this every time after maintenance.

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Thanks for your reply. If you mean removing the agent from Agents section and then re-registering local agent (without reinstallation), - that did not help.
Btw, for some reason I have to do this operation almost every morning since I get “your agent is not supported…” error when I start running. This problem also started showing recently.
So this helps running single tests and getting their results, but not jobs.

Which is on the daily now if not every two days at minimum -_- hard to implement CI/CD when I gotta do this process so frequently. So much for keeping the product “stable”, huh team TestProject? Once I’m done converting everything to Cypress, I’m going to leave this platform for good.

Actually, results stopped generating on the single test run as well.
Is there any setting that might be missing or modified for that?

Hey, anyone! is there a way to reach TestProject team directly? I am unable to work on the platform since I do NOT see any results generated. More than that: results on my previous runs are not there anymore.
Please help.