No reports generated after local test execution

This morning I have not been able to generate a single report of my test cases in TestProject and no mention of these same tests in Monitor tab. Also since I have started using TestProject the executions in Monitor tab loads very slowly or they don’t load at all. Either I have to logout or do hard refresh my browser a lot of time.

Attaching the link to the logs below. Please debug this ASAP as other users are also facing same issue(Reports not opening).



I am also having issues opening up reports. I had the same issue yesterday and then it was resolved by the late evening. Is this expected to be happening @Amit.Lacher? It’s causing real issues for us every day.

Hello everyone @here,
Everything should be up and running, sorry for any inconveniences.

Thanks for the quick fix. Please do load test your environments and would suggest to not do maintenance on weekdays.