No exception Test runs forever

Hi Team,

I was trying to record the test and run. While in run phase there was no exception, test was running for long time.

Thought of making to run by creating job, and the result is same. No exception is thrown and test runs forever.

Note: Highlighting an object works perfect without any issues, but no action is getting performed.

Let me know if you need any details regarding this

Hi @Test,
Can you please share the steps you used in your test?

Logged in to an application works fine, I am just trying to enter some input on a text box which is not happening?

Not sure about the issue.

Navigate to ‘https://***************’
Type ‘’ in ‘UserName’ (Textbox)
Type ‘pass@123’ in ‘Password’ (Textbox)
Click ‘Log In’ (Button)
Is ‘HomeLink’ (Link) present?
Click ‘idComboLOVCommandLine’ (Textbox)
Type ‘TEST’ in ‘idComboLOVCommandLine’ (Textbox)
Click ‘TEST’ (ListItem)
Click ‘Profile’ (Link)

@Test Is the session not closing at all?
Are you able to type text in other websites?

Try to use these actions:

  1. ‘Type text (using JavaScript)’.
  2. ‘Type text with Robot’.

You can also check this article:


I tried Javascript executor and its getting timed out.

isn’t tool needs to time out if objects are not identifiable and report the error?

Most times, this is the case.
But even if it is, there should be a reason for this timeout.
Is it a Shadow element? Is it a block by the website admins? Is it an iFrame? Etc.