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No code blocks discovered when uploading new addon

Hello Team,

I created an addon from scratch using the guideline as per Creating an Addon - TestProject Documentation. But when i try to upload the addon to Testproject i get the error:

Please fix and reupload We’ve found the following errors. Please fix them and reupload the jar file:
No code blocks discovered.

I’m not sure what is going on, i’m using the example code in the guideline, the classfile for the action is properly included in the jar and annotated.

What can be the cause of the error?

Hi @paulus.
The error you described occurs when no classes implementing one of the interfaces for actions and element actions that the addons SDK provides. This can happen in a few cases, such as private classes or issues with compilation/packaging. If you could share the structure of your code it would help understand what is missing.

Hi Shai,

I think it was a compilation/packaging issue. At least, after copying a pom.xml from another location the jar was uploading correctly,