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No access to elements inside a table (TypeTable) in ios app

hello community testproject
help me please
the inspector appium defines the element as a table (TypeTable), but what is inside the table does not see and I cannot test scenarios with elements inside the table. How to solve this problem
thanks for the help


Can you please check if you can access the elements via the explorer (5th tab)?
As well, sometimes when the cells are custom views, rendered using a custom code and not the built-in UITableViewCell, Apple’s automation framework can’t "drill-down and re[present these as stand-alone elements.

Do you know how these were built?
Is this application available for download so that we can troubleshoot it locally?

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thanks for the reply, I gave your advice developer and we will try to fix the problem yourself. If we do not cope, then we will turn to you for help.

We really need help. The properties registered in the code did not solve the problem :frowning: the developer cannot provide the source code of the application according to the company’s rules. We can provide a local download file .ipo, or add you to the TestFlight, as well as provide layout files for that part of the code whose elements are not displayed by the inspector.


I’ve sent you a message on Intercom,
please respond so that we can schedule a support call.