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Newly added devices are shown as Unknown Device

2 of my iPad out of total 5 devices shows as unknown device in my provisioning profile even though they are enabled and added.
Set-up my account initially with 3 devices(which stills works fine), later on added 2 more devices in provisioning profile and updated in my iOS set-up.
What could be the issue here?

NOTE: I have shared my account with my team-mate and have him admin privilege. The 2 unknown device belong to my team-mate. Does this causing an issue here?

Hello @rkhanna
Is he able to record on those devices?

@ran.tzur No. It does not show for the Agent at all.

If they do not show it is not an issue with the Provisioning profile/
Tell your colleague to check if he has the latest version of iTunes installed.
If he does not tell him to do so, plug in the devices and see if they are detected in iTunes.

It’s all updated. We are able to run Appium scripts written by us.