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New windows tab


I want to make a script with recorder and when doing click on a button opened a new windows tab in the google chrome browser, How can record for the second tab? to continue the flow. Help me, please.


Hi @edsoncorvo7,

What happens after you click on that button the opens a new tab? You can see the recorder in that new tab?
Also, what exactly displayed on the new tab? Is it a pdf file or an image?

Kind regards,

Hi @amit.yahav

When click on the button opens a new tab with another button that the script has to click to continue the flow. I can´t see the recorder in this new tab.


When you click on that button that should open the new tab, are you sure that the “record” button is on?

Yes, should open the new tab, because redirect to another URL (Website). I want to continue record this new tab.

Yes, I sure the record button in on. I check the record button is on serveral times.

Can you share the URL of this website with me? I would like to check it myself.

Hello @amit.yahav

I could solve it with the next functions after the click on the button step:

  1. Get windows handles
  2. Switch to window (Id new tab)

Thank you for your help


Edson Corvo

Hi @edsoncorvo7,

I’m really glad to hear that you solve this issue :slight_smile:
Any chance that I can access to your website? I want to find out why the recorder wasn’t appear in the new tab.

Kind regards,