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Nested test using two different application in android

Is it possible to test another application within a test??
If yes how can i possible make it? Thanks

Hello @rbuena31
On Android with the recorder you can record the test for one app, then use the action Execute ADB Command with the value of: input keyevent KEYCODE_HOME​.
That will go to the home screen, then you can just record the steps of selecting the next app you want to record on by just pressing on it, then continue the test recording on the 2nd app.

Here is an example test where I record a few steps on our Demo App, then go back home and select the photos app, and continue automating that app.

ohh i see
but is there way to use test action instead??

just like this one

You can record 2 tests and call the other test from the first test as a nested test.
Create a new step and select Test, then select the test you want to execute (must be the same app).

Generally what I suggested above is the best approach.

I’ve already done two tests and I’ve made it nested. but when it finish the first test
instead opening the 2nd application it just reopen the same app.
When it finish executing the test it show failed cuz its looking for the element in the wrong application