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Need help with button

Hello! Pls, need your help. My problem is, on my system it is possible to create multiple categories (categories have dynamic elements). How to do, that TestProject only click the button of the selected category if I created 2 or more categories (see attached screenshot)

Hello 1wolf,
We have an action called click on dynamic element as part of the Dynamic click addon,

Let me know if that solved your issue,
Best regards,

I tried it but it didn’t solve my problem. When I deleted/unselected the category, TestPtoject sees another button (I searched for the element by Xpath). How can I make it so that TestProject only sees the button of the selected category? For example, if I selected a different category, then TP clicked the button to select a different category? Maybe need search by another locator or how to write the correct locator for this operation?

Another example: I can find “my” category by text, but if I deleted a category and created 2 or more categories and created “my” category, then I need this TP, clicking only on “my” category. If I specify the locator using Xpath at the moment when I created “my” category, then when I deleted this one, TP will see another button = ( Sorry for my english, if I am mistaken. I hope you can understand me =)