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Need help to set the cookie

I am using the Web Extensions addon to set the cookie for my project. When I start recording from https://app.testproject.io/ the add Cookie step didn’t work.

Hi @royakash987654321 .

Can you please give more details ?
How didn’t the step work? Did you get an error message? Can you please take a screenshot?

I’d be happy to assist!

Kind regards,

When I click on the record button It will open a new chrome browser and run all the steps.
But my first step which is Add Cookie didn’t work.

Now if I click on the run button then it’s working.

Hi @Ricardo.Caster

I hope you understand my pain. your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @royakash987654321 .

The action will be executed only after clicking on “run” button. Before that, the steps are not executed, so there is no issue.

I hope it is clear for you.


Thanks, @Ricardo.Caster for your help.


Happy to help :slight_smile: