Navigating between websites in same session

Hi Guys,

How do you navigate between sites in one test within the same session?

For example if you are wanting to retrieve a passcode from your email to log into another site. When I try this I cant see any options? By using “navigate” it just takes you away to another site and when you return to the page you were working on you are signed out. Is there a command to do this dynamically keeping your original session open and active?

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Hi @Jambo1972,
You can try to use the action open URL in a new tab, instead of navigating to the url under same tab and exiting the website try to open the URL in a new tab.

Let me know if that solved your issue.

Kind regards

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Sorry Tal just back from leave and saw this. Will give this a go now thanks

Hi Tal

How would you then navigate back to your original page while retaining all the data? For example:

  1. Open Homepage of website under test
  2. Enter credentials - email etc
  3. Open URL for email in new tab in same session
  4. Get OTP or passcode
  5. Navigate back to the original page in step 1 so that OTP can be entered

Thanks again

Hi @Jambo1972,
You can use the switch window action to get back to the previous tab.
First tab index is 0 so in your case if you have 2 tabs opened and you want go back to tab 1
You can add this step



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