Navigate back causing "No Active Session"

In my jobs using chrome, I’m often getting “no active session” starting when the navigate back step occurs. Sometimes it causes no active session, sometimes it doesn’t. Any idea what’s causing this? What can I do to fix this?

Hi @Chris.Rye.

If you are still facing this issue, please reproduce it and send us the logs to

@Ricardo.Caster Can you instruct me how to get the logs you’re speaking of? Happened to me again.

Hi @Chris.Rye.

Please do the following:

  1. Restart your Agent
  2. Reproduce the issue you encountered
  3. Send us the agent logs of today for analysis.

You can download the logs and upload them here as shown below:

@Ricardo.Caster Even after disabling the navigate back I’m getting no active session sometimes in this test case. It is near the end of a long suite (77 jobs chrome browser), happened here at navigate to instead:

Sending logs to

Thanks, @Chris.Rye .

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