My project is not shown in the " my project " list . Can anyone pls help . its urgent

My existing project is not shown in the " my project " list . can anyone pls help regarding this ?

@ran.ferdinaro @alex.ivanov can you please help regarding this .

Hi @hur_2 Can you elaborate on your issue?

I have created my testproject project last year . and its working fine . But today when i open my testproject to start my work i did not find it in the project listing . The project name is “Hucu Application”. @ran.ferdinaro

@ran.ferdinaro the help is appreciated.

Projects are not deleted by themselves.
Please make sure no one in your account deleted it accidentally.
Also, please make sure you are not using a different account.
TestProject doesn’t have a recycle bin, so it cannot be retrieved if you delete a step/test/job/project.
You also get a warning notification before deleting a project.
If you integrated your account with TestProject, you can enter your repository and see if your project and tests reside there.
If they are, you can download them, then upload them manually to TestProject.

@ran.ferdinaro is there any way to download full project from git-hub . and upload it on testproject . bcz my project is integrated with git and all test cases shows there.


  1. Download your whole repository from GitHub.
  2. Add to each file name (of your tests) .yaml .
  3. Upload your tests manually to TestProject.

For future cases, I advise you to duplicate your projects (create a backup) once a week to avoid such cases.

@ran.ferdinaro my some test are not uploaded . the import max limit is 50 mb but my some files are less then 100KB and they are not imported . can you pls help regarding this .

@ran.ferdinaro any solution for this.

Did you make sure that they are indeed test files and not other files found in your repository by the integration?

@ran.ferdinaro yes these are the test files i downloaded from the repository. those files whose size are more then 30 kb is not imported . i am getting "imported failed " error . And those files which are less then 30 kb successfully imported.

@ran.ferdinaro @alex.ivanov @Tal.Efraim any solution for my query . or i have re-written my test cases again which are not imported .?

I opened a bug ticket for your issue.
Ticket number TP-17298.
If you have to use these tests right away, It’s best to rewrite them.

@ran.ferdinaro thanks. i hope my issue resolved soon . until then i have re-write but pls resolved it asap bcz i have large number of testcases to import .

@ran.ferdinaro any progress on my issue ?