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My Agent is stuck in between and in execution phase. Want to abort

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 7.18.51 AM

This is stuck from morning 4:30 AM and in the execution phase. so other jobs are not running due to the following message

“ConnectNow App Health job has failed to start on Cliksource agent - Agent [Cliksource (ku1l8jXI2EOksBAajpe5QA)] is currently in [Executing] state. Only when in IDLE it can be used for execution --> aborting execution - 1:30 AM UTC”

So I need to abort this operation and start afresh. How to abort the execution.

Hi @ashis.nanda you can abort the execution in the monitoring page, you will see the job running with an abort button on the right side.

Also can you please reach out to us in the chat so we can see why the agent got stuck.

Best Regards, Ran.