MUST HAVE - screenshot on failed step should appear immediately on reports

Hi TestProject,
i think that a great and ‘Must have’ feature- when a test fail- the screenshot for the failed step should appear as soon as possible in order to see it in the test /job report & that way to quickly understand the issue.

many times, after running jobs (long ones)- it takes time (long time) until the screeshot of the failed step will appear

Thanks in advance

Hi @geoedgeqa.

We appreciate your request and intention to make the product better, unfortunately, this is not on our roadmap at this point.
I will notify you if our team decide to move forward with your request at a later time.

A workaround would be configuring each test in the job to end the job execution in case of fail. In that way, you will immediatly get the reports after a failed step.
This is how you can set it:


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