Multiples enviriments sequencial tests

It is possible to create a sequential job evolving multiple environments. For example, an app that makes a subscription to a service. Then, after this subscription is submitted, it triggers the following test, which is a web test that is going to validate this subscription?

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Regarding the scenario you are trying to achieve, the easiest way to achieve it is with an API call, for example:
The mobile test will be inside the job, and the web test will be outside the job.
Then you’ll need to create a new step in the mobile test that will trigger the web test (it will be the last step).

Another way is actually running the web test on the mobile device (just for general), I will put you some helpful information here if you decide to try this way:
How To Record a Web Test for a Mobile Browser:

Running a Web Test on a Mobile Device:

Let me know if you managed, and if you have further questions please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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