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Multiple tap can't do in testproject.io

Hi ,

IOS/Android screen multiple tap is not present. Single tap is present but if i used same multiple time not working.

Could you please take a look. Is any other way ?

Hello @nikita.gawande
There is a Double Tap action.

How many taps do you require?

Hi ,

I need to tap contnoulsy 10-11 times. I tried with double tap and single tap. Nothing works.

Use case is : If we tap on logo 10-11 times one pop-up come. I need that pop-up to enable specific feature.

Hello @nikita.gawande,

You can use Tap action and set the Step Repeats number to the number of Taps you wish to execute.
On the recorder hover over the logo and click double shift → Choose Tap action:


Then, scroll down to the Step Repeats and set it to the number of Taps you wish to execute: