Multiple locators not used in generated code

In the generated Java code that I download from (via test case menu → Generated Code), I don’t see any secondary element locator that I can see in recorder. Is multiple locators supported by the code generation in TestProject?

Hi @pohsoon.lee ,

The locators that you see in the recorder are built from the AI and not from the selenium itself.
Which means, when you are generating code the selenium in the test will generate only one locator (the first one you have chosen in the recorder), our A.I and selenium are not built on the same infrastructure, selenium only recognizes the first locator you have selected.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Noted and thanks for your reply.
On the other hand, if I export from cloud the YAML or ZIP (YAML + settings) and run with an agent via CLI, will it then use AI and the multiple locators to run the test?

Yes, it will.
When you generate the test as YAML, it will generate the same test you had in the recorder with the same locators, which means the A.I will be there to provide his healing when needed.

@alex.ivanov Noted with thanks.