Multiple Clicks all over the Canvas for specific time period

Hi there! Before asking for clarification, I’d like to let you know that this platform looks really good.

I’m trying to explore different options to make multiple clicks on the entire canvas.

I’m checking a quiz on website, the options are all in the canvas (no buttons). Also the quiz has many questions and runs like a playlist.

I tried the add on features like Click Canvas (until Gone) and gave specific time period like 20 minutes so that it can keep repeating the same steps. This option is working to some extent, but the click seems to be happening only in one area (in the centre). Can it be made possible to make clicks in the entire canvas?

I also tries “Draw on Canvas” but it executes only once. If it can be made to repeat the step for a defined amount of time by drawing on the entire canvas, it would be great.

Other options that were explored but no luck: Single click on canvas, Checkboxes, Mark all checkboxes etc.

Please help. Thank you!

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