Multiple addons - project structure

Hello, I need to develop multiple addons for my project, I am using Inteliij Idea to develop them, I also plan to use source control (git), but would rather prefer to have one project, with multiple modules (new module for each addon)

Could anyone recommend project structure that would allow that? Would there be possible to share functionalities between modules, ex have a module with commons/utilities that every addon could use?

Kind regards.

Hi @Mateusz.Mysliwiec.

For creating addons you can see this workshop:

Go to 41:00, and follow the process step by step.

Regarding modules, if you want to share a functionallity between the different drivers i.e Web Android iOS, you can simply use the generic driver, that way your action will always be able to run.
If you are working with elements or with other things that require a different usage depends on the driver, it is recommended to create a baseClass for that action. of course that depends on your usecase.
You can find examples here:

Let me know if you need any help with that.