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Mstest Run one test on a remote test controller/agent

I wrote a few unit tests that are set to run on a build server. I have added a CodedUI test which isn’t running because I have yet to set the controller to run in interactive mode. Our build controller could not be modified, so we resorted to setting up another machine with its own controller and agent.

Is it possible in Visual Studio to tell one test (the CodedUI one) to run with another agent ? (The other tests should run with the first agent)

Configure your controller to run with Visual Studio.
Open the controller configuration tool and verify that ‘Register with Team Project Collection’ is unselected.

In Visual Studio:

Right click on solution name, select ‘add new item’. Add a new Test Setting file.
In the Test Settings window go to Roles tab, Select ‘Remote Execution’, add the controller’s IP or machine name in ‘Controller’ field.

Save the settings, select ‘Test’ --> ‘Test Settings’ —> Select Test Settings File and select your new settings.

Thanks for all the help Ruhit!