Moving out of TestProject

Hi everyone!

For the past few months, TestProject was undergoing abrupt maintenance without any message how long will the down time be. Also, we are not given an advance note when will the maintenance going to happen.

TestProject was an awesome tool which provided alot of help testing our product. It has great capabilities which helps in creating tests efficiently.

With that said, our test schedule is greatly affected so we decided to move out of TestProject. It would be great if anyone from the community can share their migration strategy in terms of refactoring their TestProject scripts created from recorder and transfer it to another tool which uses Python. Thank you!


Our plan has been to train QA on how to write code in python for a free product called Robot. It’s not easy since a lot of people have to learn how to code with no experience outside some minor SQL. I think Selenium would’ve been a better choice over Robot, since that is what TestProject uses, but Selenium better in C# than python, so I also understand why Robot was picked over it.


Thanks @jbauer for sharing. I see your point. We are also looking into the Open source options but the main problem is that how can we transition quickly without having to rewrite everything we did in TestProject. The only option I am seeing as of the moment is to download all the TestProject script(as Python files) then refactor it to the new tool using a new framework library.

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Any suggestions for alternative tools (We are using Java)?

As for a quick transition, the answer is that there isn’t one. Tricentis can’t migrate your stuff to a new platform, and your own resources will need time learning an open source platform. You can attempt to download your tests as a coded file, which is why I think Selenium might be the way to go for open source stuff, since TestProject was built off of Selenium. Additionally, Selenium should be compatible with Java and Python in addition to C#. At least I think so. I’m not really an expert here. You can choose to download your tests as C#, Java, or Python tests, which is why I make that assumption.