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Mouse Hover is not recorded

Here’s the use case

  1. Open the application on the web
  2. Hover over an element that only exposes another element on hover - normally it will not display it
  3. Recorder does not record the hover event
  4. I tried mouse over element function but it does not do anything
  5. I was trying to find a way to save the element without touching the mouse but I could not find a keyboard shortcut to do so - so when I move the mouse to save the element state then the item I want to access disappears

Anybody know how to tackle this?

Hi @gpaneda :slight_smile: ,

What are you trying to achieve?
When you hover your mouse over elements, it will not record them.
The recorder understands actions. Hovering over an element is not an action that the recorder records by default, however you can add a step to move mouse to element.
An action might be clicking, scrolling, typing, and more.

In section 5, if you are still facing this issue, please send us a video of the action to our support mail for investigation: support@testproject.io

If you have any other questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Hey you can capture the element by doing a small trick. You can use inspect element option in chrome. Once the elements are visible you can toggle the state of the element on which you want to hover on. This way you will be able to save the object.

Another way is to use the explorer tab in the test project recorder… You can see the DOM structure so you can just scroll there and move to the element you want to hover and save it