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More Hands-off Agent Updating

There currently seems to be a potential bug where iOS devices will often not recognize an iOS device is connected until the agent gets updated to the latest version. This issue is still under troubleshooting and is a separate issue I don’t mean to address here yet, but this makes me think either:

  1. Having a setting that will update your agent automatically when there is a new version
  2. Add something to the API that allows you to update the agent so I could write a script to automatically do it

would be good ideas.

Hello and thanks for reaching out.

These are really good suggestions and we’ll look into them in the future.

Regarding the iOS issue, can you please explain a bit more on what you are experiencing? Are you using agent 0.62?

Devices are not recognized unless you update the agent each time? Try restarting the agent.

Can you tell me what device model and iOS version you are using if the issue occurs?

I did hear from customer support that the newest upgrade for the agent overhauls iOS functionality, so we shall see. I was more so trying to suggest new ways to make the agent more flexible. Thanks for your very quick response!

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