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More granular access control for team members

Hey guys, I want to share some tests with project managers for different clients of ours and it seems the only way to give the users access to certain tests/job reports is to make a new project then move the tests into those projects then invite the project manager only to that specific project.

Is it possible in future to be able to set specific folder/test permissions for team members instead of doing it at a project level? Adding this kind of granularity would be much appreciated. Basically a read-only/read-and-edit/no-access type permission level of granularity.

In addition to the above, giving users permission (or taking away that permission!) to edit tests would also be beneficial as in some cases we don’t want to let certain team members to be able to edit the test but still want them to be able to see the generated reports. Something like a read-only ability?

I do see a similar request has been made a year ago over here:

This would be a huge and helpful feature.

Hi @michael.matusowsky.
You can easily share single tests, take a look at the following images:

You can do it by type email address or by the link:

Is there anyway to manage this in terms of a dashboard - to see which tests the user can see - or to add the users to a specific folder of tests?