Mobile - Unable to run same test case on both QA and UAT environment

Unlike Web test case we unable to utilize the same test case on QA and UAT application since they are different applications, so we end up creating duplicate test cases with different set of paramenters which seems like a re work - please help.

Hi @SunilGowdruC,
You can duplicate your test and change the application in the duplicated test.
You can also change the application for the original test as well.

As long as the test flow and elements are the same, you won’t need to edit your test.
If there are changes, you will need to adapt your test/duplicated test.

Is there any plans to include or treat applications as environments? I dont want to duplicate entire suites of hundred of Test scripts just because I need to run in another url. I would like to have jobs executing same test on different environments (applications). I want to be able to execute same test script on different environments (applications if you like to call it).

Also it would be good to have parameters linked on the (application) level so certain configurations like loging credentials get defaulted depending on the application selected, and again you can reuse the same test without a change needed.

It could be as simple as letting us change application/file name in bulk for the tests.

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As mentioned before, you can change the application before the execution.
There are a few ways to do it:

  1. Use a data-driven test.
  2. Press execute on the test and change the URL.
  3. Upload the second application to TestProject. Then, edit your test to execute with the second application.

is there a way to change parameter for Mobile like we do for Web without creating duplicate test case. because test case numbers can be in huge number and manual effort is needed to do the same!

I totally agree.
We also need parameterization at the global level(project level) so that we can use data driven even more effectively and helps a lot.

As mentioned before, You can choose the application used (in the test settings) before execution.

How about parallel execution on the same test case just by pointing it to different apps(QA & UAT)?

Thanks for the suggestion, I will let you know if this is added to the roadmap.

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Thanks a lot. Please keep us posted if it will be implemented.