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Mobile Test Editor Quality of Life Improvements

After using the test editor a while now, there are a few quality of life items that I feel are missing.

  • Ability to close the connection to the current device so that I can choose another one
  • Ability to open other tests from the editor while a device is being viewed (we can do this while a device is not being viewed).

I find myself working on tests with other tests as steps and it can be a bit tedious to open a new tab to navigate to where my “keyword” tests are stored if I need to make a change to one of them. Also I apologize if these features already exist and I just don’t know how to go about using them.

Hi @Ferny
Thanks for you suggestions we have open an improvement request for this with these numbers-
TP-14717 - Open subtest from in the recorder in recording mode.
About the switch device in recorder its currently not supported but its on our roadmap.

Kind regards