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Mobile Automation

Can I automation mobile app by record and play option available on Testproject ?
1-Will I be able to create Test suite ?
2-Test reports ?
3-Screenshot and logs in case of failure
4-Integration with CircleCI

Hi @Akki00101.

Sure, you can automate mobile applications on emulated and real devices

We do support Test suites and we named it Jobs.
The main features of this Jobs that you can schedule them, put as many test cases in them as you want, make them run in needed sequence, attach a data sources to each test case in the suite separately, have notifications in run/failure/end…

TestProject have very powerful reporting system which will only become better with time.
You can have screenshots in any part of your test case, on failure/ on success/ always.
As well as have detailed information about each step in test case, such as duration, elements used in the step, actions performed to the element, the element locator and etc…

Currently we don’t provide direct integration with CircleCI.
But you can use our API to ahieve many things that integration does.

Hope you’ll be glad to know that we DO have integrations with :
Browserstack (soon)
and 5 more integrations later in this year :wink: