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Mobile Autocomplete popup causing issues

I’ve noticed autocomplete popups (like when you click on an email text box) will often stop a test in its tracks, is there any tricks in testProject for working around this or avoiding it altogether?

I’m not experienced in mobile testing but is this problem specific to mobile? I imagine this is also a desktop problem to do with the auto form fill feature in different browsers. My first thought would to be ask if you’ve tried to disable that feature?

Can you give us more info on what you’re trying to achieve?
What is the test you are trying to run? What step is it failing at?
Expected/Actual Results
Environment: Browser/ OS

I haven’t had the issue on browsers. I’m having the issue on Android. I simply have steps to enter email, password and login but that’s where it’s getting locked up with the autofill popup. I haven’t tried disabling that feature but I’d prefer not to have to do that.